Project devoted to help people affected by mortgage eviction processes

People that have been affected by a process of mortgage eviction in Spain have suffered real dramas during the last few years. The situation of weakness in front of banks, as it has been clearly warned and exposed by the European Court of Justice, has provoked extremely bad consecuences for many families, and is actually heavily affecting the middle class in the country. This Project is designed in order to develop tools and solutions with the aim to help the affected people, and try to minimize the effects of the eviction process.


PHASE 1: Research focused on studying the in-depth experience of the people affected by this situation.

The objective of this research is to discover what is the process experienced by the affected people from the moment that they sign a mortgage until the moment that they lose their homes. The events that determine the beginning of trouble, and those determining the aggravation of trouble, will be identified. Therefore, the idea is to be able to develop early warnings when those events are identified. Besides, it will also be studied how do affected people feel, think and act durig the process. This in-depth knowledge should make posible to better adapt solutions for the affected people. Finally, the study will focus on the roles that different institutions play in relation to this situation. ¿What institutions do really help? ¿Which of them do not help or are even negatively affecting the process?


¡¡Phase 1 already finished!!: This research was done with the collaboration of Cáritas. The synthesis of results can already be downloaded:

1. Power point presentation: Eviction research presentation: Synthesis of results

2. The article:  Empirical research. First draft.

3. A critical essay:  The construction of social science, the economic rationale and its impact on human reality

4. The complete study:  The article + empirical data + critical essay. First draft.


PHASE 2: Construction of tools and solutions

During this second phase we will start to work directly testing different possible tools and solutions. Thus, it will be posible to select effective indicators, methods and tools to be applied during the process. The objective is to reduce the impacts that the affected people suffer during the process, and try to avoid the loss of their homes. In the first place, some diagnosis tools will be developed in order to alert on early signs of trouble for affected families. Secondly, also information and help protocols will be constructed. In the third place, action protocols will be tested for social organizations and public administration in order to ensure effective action for affected families. Finally, finally a set of different exit strategies will be also constructed.


PHASE 3: Diffusion of results, tools and solutions

The diffusion of results of phase 1 will be done through press conferences and discussion pannels: Press conference in Barcelona 19th of March 2013. The diffusion of tools and solutions will also be done after those are developed. We will develop an application for people in the process of eviction so that they can get information and help.

This web site is already been built. Here you can see a picture of its starting page:

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Projects are under license: Licencia Creative Commons

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