Socrates & Friends Project


The Socrates & Friends website will be designed to produce and provide wisdom and common sense in a variety of themes. The idea is to make available to people a complementary point of reference in order to make better judgement, and ultimately take better decisions. Here we can see a first prototype of the web interface.

This website is a tool designed to construct a DEMOCRACY OF WISDOM. Ultimately the contributions of the members of the website will be the raw material used to produce reports on different topics. Wisdom needs to be slowly cooked. This is a website for 'slow food', wisdom in slow motion.

Finally, and most important, the contributions to this web site will come from 2.500 years of humankind wisdom. The idea is the avoid current opinion, and build only on existing knowledge, which will be gathered by the website members, to produce a wise knowledge back up for better judgement and decision making.

Projects are under license: Licencia Creative Commons