Fundation Aims


The innovation, action and knowledge foundation has the following aims as its fundamental guide for action:


1.    Innovation and the creation of wealth in multiple areas of our society (corporate, public administation, as well as non-governmental associations and organisations).

2.    To generate and spread new ideas and create new business; with an aim to creating employment and encouraging the progressive regeneration of the industrial fabric of Spain.

3.    Investigation and generation of knowledge. In particular, to promote and/or carry out study projects aimed at generating knowledge in all areas, organisations, culture, tourism and generally, within all the fields of knowledge which can contribute towards the socio-ecological sustainability of our environment.

4.    To develop the tools needed to generate a solid and objective understanding in the world, and specifically within the fields of internet and the social networks.

5.    To promote the study of new forms of management and work, as well as global rehabilitation tecniques of spaces, urban centres, historical areas which can be protected and natural landscapes, in and around the Mediterranean, in order  to reclaim our origins and our historical heritage.

6.   To promote sustainable development in all innovative initiatives, in the creation of new businesses, and in general, in wealth generation in all areas of our society.  And furthermore, to encompass them all under one umbrella, the socio-ecological systems that form them.